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Fat Louie's own sweet and tangy barbecue sauce made with fresh Door County apples and Door County Distillery Bourbon Whiskey. If you're looking for a sweet, smoky sauce to compliment chicken, ribs, or other grilled delights, this is the sauce to choose!  


Delicious, tart apples make this creamy, smooth apple butter a true delight.  Spread it on bread, top pancakes or waffles, stir it into oatmeal, or use as a decadent dip. There are so many wonderful ways to eat this treat!


This is a classic first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy. We then infuse it with basil for a sweet, herbal character and aroma, with a smooth texture and finish. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Basil Essence

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This dry, still, apple cider has been aged with black Cabernet skins. The result reads like a light, dry red wine with a completely unique character.


This award-winning sweet wine has strong dark fruit aromas with a rich blackberry flavor.


Full, dark fruit with jammy aromas and a Merlot style mid palate are showcased in this semi-sweet blend.


Prepared in artisan fashion from Trebbiano wine grapes, this vinegar is infused with ripe blueberries for a tangy sweet flavor. Toss this vinegar into a mixed green salad for a fresh fruit flavor. Pair with Butter Olive Oil for a perfect topping to pancakes & waffles. Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Blueberry Essence.


It's a Door County Fizz with a blueberry pop! Blue berry Fizz is the perfect cider for your summer and beyond!  Fresh pressed blueberries are added to a stainless steel aged cider for a fizzy, slightly tart drink.


Dry and velvety Cabernet aged in used Door County Distillery Bourbon Barrels.


Fat Louie's own sweet and tangy barbecue sauce made with Door County Distillery Bourbon Whiskey. Try with ribs, chicken, or alongside steak!