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Frost is a dry white blend with notes of apricot and citrus.  Crisp with a smooth finish, this white is perfect for any gathering. It also is a great complement to its companion wine, Fire.


Frostline is our limited release ice wine, with only one batch produced and released each year. This 2023 vintage is 100% vineyard grown St. Pepin, earning it a Wisconsin Ledge designation. This sweet ice wine has bright fruity tones and a luxurious mouth feel.


Sweet Apple wine heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve this sweet, mulled wine warm for a sassy cider substitute. Our mulled wines are ready to serve, but we recommend serving them warm. Simply pour into your favorite mug or cup and microwave for short intervals until warm, similar to how you would warm up a coffee or hot chocolate. More traditional? Pour the wine into a saucepan and warm over the stove top. Pour into a serving cup and garnish with a cinnamon stick. DO NOT SIMMER! If you simmer or overheat the wine, the spice will become harsh and the alcohol will evaporate.


Harvest Peach is a sweet, fruit forward wine made from 100% fresh peach juice. It's just like biting into a fresh summer peach!


A semi-dry apple cider made from apples native to Door County before Prohibition.  This medium bodied brut styled cider has complex flavors with light citrus and earthy aromatics.


Itasca is a new grape varietal developed by the University of Minnesota to thrive in cold hardy climates. We invested in growing Itasca at our vineyard as soon as it was made available and were one of the earliest wineries in the United States to grow and cultivate this grape. Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio, Itasca is a dry white wine with notes of pear, peach and melon.  Its bright acidity pairs well with a variety of foods.


NEW RELEASE! A limited edition wine aged in used gin barrels. This dry white is a blend of Cayuga and Vidal Blanc, both cold-hearty midwestern grapes. Citrusy, with notes of apple and pear, the gin barrel aging adds complexity along with flavors of juniper berry and fresh herbs.


This American grape variety is grown widely in the eastern states. It is wonderfully aromatic with melon, green apple, orange and rosemary notes. This sweet white has a pleasing back palate with acidity that allows it to pair well with most foods.


A sweet tropical, aromatic burst of mango, spice, and light pineapple, followed by a palate friendly mango finish.


Limited release!  Our Maple Wine is made from 100% Door County maple syrup, just like a Mead is made from honey. Similar in character to an ice wine, Maple Wine is very sweet and best served ice cold.  Try it over ice cream!


Made from 100% Wisconsin wildflower honey, our mead is light, crisp, and has a lingering sweet honey flavor. Frankly, it's the bee's knees.


A modern cider made in a crisp refreshing style with a blend of heritage and Honeycrisp apples. This is a light bodied semi-sweet cider with intense aromatics and notes of peach, quince, and tropical fruits.