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This is a classic first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy. We then infuse it with basil for a sweet, herbal character and aroma, with a smooth texture and finish. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Basil Essence

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This dry, still, apple cider has been aged with black Cabernet skins. The result reads like a light, dry red wine with a completely unique character.


This award-winning sweet wine has strong dark fruit aromas with a rich blackberry flavor.


Full, dark fruit with jammy aromas and a Merlot style mid palate are showcased in this semi-sweet blend.


Prepared in artisan fashion from Trebbiano wine grapes, this vinegar is infused with ripe blueberries for a tangy sweet flavor. Toss this vinegar into a mixed green salad for a fresh fruit flavor. Pair with Butter Olive Oil for a perfect topping to pancakes & waffles. Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Blueberry Essence.


It's a Door County Fizz with a blueberry pop! Blue berry Fizz is the perfect cider for your summer and beyond!  Fresh pressed blueberries are added to a stainless steel aged cider for a fizzy, slightly tart drink.


Dry and velvety Cabernet aged in used Door County Distillery Bourbon Barrels.


Bucks in 6 is a dry, premium red wine blend of six different grapes for a balanced flavor with a strong finish.


This is a first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy. The climate gives this oil a rich, smooth texture, perfect to infuse butter. Try this oil anywhere you would use real butter for a healthy alternative.  Pop your popcorn, cook eggs, use in baked goods, or make homemade garlic bread. The possibilities are endless. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Butter Essence


Grapes from the Monterey region in California produce this supple wine and 12 months of barrel aging softened its finish to a lingering, velvety feel.