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Prepared in artisan fashion, sweet maple meets smooth, aged balsamic in this rich and velvety vinegar.  Maple aromas envelope the palate from start to finish in this unique, and versatile Modena, Italy specialty. USE: Stir into barbeque for a sweet twist Glaze or Marinade beef,  pork, and salmon. Whisk with oil and dijion mustard to top a leafy spinach, goat cheese, and apple salad. Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, grape must, maple essence


Made from 100% Wisconsin wildflower honey, our mead is light, crisp, and has a lingering sweet honey flavor. Frankly, it's the bee's knees.


This unoaked, dry red has lightly spicy aromas with hints of jam and mild tannin on the finish.


This is a classic, first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy, then infused with natural mesquite flavor.  The smoky taste compliments the bold olive flavor in this robust, versatile oil. USE: Use to sauté any meat for a smoky kick. Mix with balsamic for a summer flavored vinaigrette. Toss with a hearty vegetable and roast. Ingredients: olive oil, natural mesquite flavor


A bold, semi-dry wine, Midnight Berry has soft fruit and a rich tannin structure. Tart flavors meld with sweet plum, black pepper, and a bright strawberry finish. Serve this wine with grilled chicken, savory sausages, or hearty comfort foods. Enjoy room temperature or chill it to bring out its fruity nature.


A modern cider made in a cool crisp refreshing style with a blend of heritage and honey crisp apples. This is a light bodied semi sweet cider with intense aromatics and notes of quince, peach and tropical fruits.


A softer, semi-sweet cherry wine blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and warm ground spices sure to foster fond family memories and cozy fires. Best served warm.


Ceramic Mulled Christmas campfire mug perfect for crisp snowy days and chilly winter nights.  Limited supply so get yours today!


This sweet, American Moscato is as light as it is refreshing, with notes of pear and orange blossom fit for a Pharaoh. Once you take a sip (oh wey oh) you’ll be walkin’ like an Egyptian!


This American grape wine comes from California's Central Valley.  It has intense aromas of sweet orange blossom, and flavors of sweet pear, orange zest and ginger spice.  Pairs well with light creamy desserts, fresh fruit and spicy Asian food.


This is a classic, first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy, then infused with Parmesan, Basil, and fresh herbs for an unmistakable aroma and savory flavor. USE: Use to saute chicken for easy Italian. Mix with balsamic for a delicious vinaigrette. Toss with potatoes and roast in the oven. Ingredients: olive oil, basil essence, natural Parmesan flavor, garlic essence

This is a classic, first cold pressed oil from olives grown in Italy, then infused with passion fruit for an unmistakable aroma and tropical fruit flavor. USE: Toss with greens and citrus fruit for a summer salad. Mix with balsamic for a truly tropical vinaigrette. Add to spicy dishes for a fruit flavor burst. Ingredients: olive oil, passion fruit essence