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Ceramic Hallowine campfire mug perfect for the fall season!  Limited supply so get yours today!


Harvest Peach is a limited edition release made from 100% fresh peach juice.  Sweet and juicy, this wine is just like biting into a fresh, summer peach.


A semi-dry apple cider made from apples native to Door County before Prohibition.  This medium bodied brut styled cider has complex flavors with light citrus and earthy aromatics.


A cold-climate grape varietal also found in our vineyard, styled as a dry, medium bodied red. This Baco Noir based release of Hybrid Red is tart, acidic, and jammy with bright notes of red currant and fruit.


An extremely limited release!  Itasca is a new grape varietal developed at the University of Minnesota. Under a dozen wineries are currently producing Itasca.  This bottling is the very first crop from our Itasca vines in our vineyard and therefore is extremely limited with just over 300 bottles produced. Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio, Itasca is a dry white wine with notes of pear, peach and melon.  It's bright acidity pairs well with a variety of foods.


This first cold pressed oil from Italian olives is a pantry favorite. We infused the zesty, citrus flavor of Meyer lemons with late harvest olives to create a delicate, smooth flavor and a light, smooth finish. Try this oil with chicken breast or fish for an easy lemon pepper dish.  It's great on roasted veggie, salads, and even vanilla ice cream (trust us)! Ingredients: Olive Oil, Lemon Essence


This American grape variety is grown widely in the eastern states. It is wonderfully aromatic with melon, green apple, orange and rosemary notes. This sweet white has a pleasing back palate with acidity that allows it to pair well with most foods.


A heavy duty, waiter style corkscrew with Door Peninsula Winery's logo. Perfect for travel, camping, and anytime on the go. Includes a fold out corkscrew, foil knife, and beer bottle opener.


Twin Door Peninsula Winery 16 oz. logo wine glasses feature a long stem and large, elegant bowl. These glasses are sure to make any bottle of wine or gift seem that much more impressive. *Flat rate shipping of $8 has been added to the price to be shipped individually.


A sweet tropical, aromatic burst of mango, spice, and light pineapple, followed by a palate friendly mango and papaya finish.


Prepared in artisan fashion, intense aromas evolve from Trebbiano wine grapes and ripe mangoes, infused  in this aged Modena Balsamic for a freshly picked fruit flavor in a dark, intense and slightly acidic vinegar. USE: Use on tropical salads and fruits Glaze or Marinade  pork, and salmon. Add a splash to a fruity chutney. Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, grape must, mango essence

Prepared in artisan fashion, sweet maple meets smooth, aged balsamic in this rich and velvety vinegar.  Maple aromas envelope the palate from start to finish in this unique, and versatile Modena, Italy specialty. USE: Stir into barbeque for a sweet twist Glaze or Marinade beef,  pork, and salmon. Whisk with oil and dijion mustard to top a leafy spinach, goat cheese, and apple salad. Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, grape must, maple essence