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Like a Moscow Mule! Sparkling apple cider with natural ginger and Wisconsin cranberry juice.


Fat Louie put together this set of 3 bottles for you to mix & match your favorite flavors at one great price. Find versatility in these 8.5 oz bottles that come packed for you in a three bottle box.


Prepared in artisan fashion from Trebbiano wine grapes, this vinegar is infused with ginger for a tangy sweet flavor. Toss this vinegar into an Asian Salad for a true eastern flare. Add to chicken and sesame for easy stir-fry. Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Ginger Essence


Fat Louie's classic, cold pressed olive oil blended with quintessential  Jamaican spices for a heat-filled kick that's straight from the Caribbean. Drizzle over potatoes and roast for an easy way to liven up a side dish. Marinate meat and vegetables on skewers and grill for kebobs with a kick. Use on anything to add a little heat and spice. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Hot Pepper Essence, Ginger, Nutmeg, Garlic, Cumin Essence