Please check this page right before your visit and things may change frequently

Updated July 30th:

-Limited wine tasting, wine by the glass, and cocktails are available outside. We have a few set complimentary flights and you can choose from. As per Wisconsin’s mask mandate please wear a mask while ordering at the outdoor pavilion.  You may remove it while drinking or tasting at your table.

-Outside tables are available for anyone to use.  Please do not move the tables as they are placed for social distancing.

-All of our wines, spirits, and most popular items will be available to purchase outside. No need to come in if you don’t want to. If there is a specific item not offered outdoors you are interested in we can run it out to you.

-Masks are required to enter the building. If you do not have one we have them for sale.

-Full wine tasting and shopping is available inside. You may only take off your mask while at the tasting bar.

-Glasses of wine and cocktails may be purchased indoors but you must take them outside or to the balcony to consume.

-Plexiglass shields are up at all the bars and registers.

-Tours are not offered at this time.

-Food and olive oil sampling are not offered at this time.

-Please respect social distancing so we can make sure everyone has a fun but safe time.

Outdoor shopping and service is available 10am to 5pm.  Inside shopping is available 9am to 6pm.